G'Day Maaaate
The name's Dzintra – pronounced like Sintra. The D is silent. I am happily married to an amazing Canadian man and a mother of four delightful children. I fell in love with books as a young girl, reading Judy Blume and Enid Blyton. As a teenager I fell in love with the supernatural genre and never left. 

I live up in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, where the weather is always warm and sunny. 

It's always been a dream to write a book, but I never had the self-belief until one night when I had a dream, and decided it was now or never. That was way back in 2014 and i haven't looked back since. 
I have two series in production, plus two more in the pipeline. Not to mention the stand alones on their way. 
If you love your paranormal, light, funny, and with a heavy dollop of sarcasm? 
I am the author for you. 

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